An address mess

After hearing the State of the Union address, Americans know why President Joe Biden has a 41% approval rating in the latest Reuters poll.

Vice President Kamala Harris’s polls are even lower—despite the bleak efforts of the most biased media in history, which has, in effect, merged with the Democratic Party.

The nation was again reminded why only 37% of Biden’s own party wants him to run for re-election.

Only a quarter of Americans believe the country is headed in the right direction under his leadership.

Given all of this, what can a president say to a nation he inherited from a 1.4% inflation rate to 7%? How did Americans’ 2.7% 30-year mortgage jump to 6.5% in less than two years?

How does a president explain that eggs have gone up to $7 a dozen, or that a thin steak has gone up to $15 a pound, or that a sheet of plywood has gone up to $95?

How a president explains to Americans that gas averaged $2.39 a gallon when he took office and, even after draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, is still $3.50 a gallon—and has recently risen to $5 a gallon in many states.

Can Biden explain why the price of once affordable or even cheap natural gas has tripled in less than a year?

What can a president say when more than 5 million foreign nationals pour into the United States in his first two years — all illegally across a non-existent border?

How can Biden explain the humiliation of Afghanistan? Exhausting our arsenal of basic weapons? Or the inability to bring down the Communist Chinese spy balloon when it first brazenly floated over America – photographing military bases and missile sites as it crossed the entire United States with impunity?

We know the answer to all these questions.

Biden simply did what he always does in his State of the Union address on Tuesday: misinform, ignore and attack!

wrong information After sending inflation, energy, and interest rates to astronomical rates, and then seeing them briefly decline, Biden announced that he had “lowered” these indicators to levels far higher than when he entered office.

He brags about the low unemployment rate. But Biden never divulges a better indicator of the labor participation rate that has declined during his tenure — or the fact that he inherited a booming economy that has naturally rebuilt on autopilot from a disastrous two-year COVID-19 lockdown.

ignore Consider what he will never mention. China has violated international law and US airspace. How exactly did Beijing assume that it could get away with it so easily?

There is no southern border. Biden destroyed it. He has given the green light for more than 5 million illegal aliens to enter the United States without audits or legalization—even as smuggled Mexican drugs kill 100,000 Americans each year.

He will never admit that he has stopped building walls. He omitted that he demonized innocent border patrol officers. He has repealed immigration laws, vowing to uphold them.

Biden ignored the $4 trillion he borrowed in just two years to inflate the national debt, now on track to exceed $32 trillion this year. The middle class bleeds 20%-30% of their 401K retirement plans representing years of lost hard-earned savings.

Yet Biden has pledged to borrow hundreds of billions of dollars more to figure out how to pay off an already crushing national debt that will cost $450 billion just to service this year.

He avoided how he destroyed US deterrence abroad after the flight from Kabul and the abandonment of billions of dollars in military equipment, the greatest humiliation in modern military history.

He never mentioned that Russia went into Ukraine because Russian President Vladimir Putin saw no downside after the debacle in Afghanistan, or that Biden’s own unqualified comments about not being concerned about Russia’s aggression in Ukraine if it turned out to be only “minor” probably had some role. .

Attack! Remember that Biden only comes alive when he calls for “unity” and “bipartisanship” and rebukes his enemies.

It was then that his voice rose, his brows furrowed, and his face reddened. He claims that the “rich” avoid “paying their fair share”, even though he knows that only 1% of the country pays more than 40% of all income taxes.

Biden somehow presented the deadly violence by black police officers against a black victim in Memphis as evidence of alleged racism in America. He lashed out at all law enforcement—even inner-city violent and hate crimes as high as ever.

He completely lied about the Republicans calling for the sunset of Social Security and Medicare.

He beat the dead horse of Jan. 6 (while maddeningly linking it to an attack on Paul Pelosi), despite a stacked congressional investigative committee and the suppression of critical video evidence and email communications involving security lapses.

In short, it was the same old, same old dishonest Biden: misinform, ignore and attack — and then call for “unity” as the country spirals toward collective destruction.

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