College Board Blast DeSantis Attack African American Course – Mother Jones

AP Photo/Marta Lavandier

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Dr. died on Saturday In the evening, College Board response Governor Ron DeSantis’ wave of attacks on education in Florida has accused the state Department of Education of criticizing the Advanced Placement African American Studies course and its use as a vehicle for the governor’s far-right politics in the state of Florida.

The College Board said it welcomes discourse around its curriculum but said that discussion on the matter AP African American Studies “has gone from healthy debate to misinformation.” The letter follows an earlier one the organization sent on Tuesday that was more subdued and less confrontational.

“We deeply regret the Florida Department of Education’s slander without immediate condemnation, amplified by subsequent comments by the DeSantis administration, that African American Studies has ‘no educational value,'” the college board said in their new letter. Released on Saturday night.

DeSantis criticized the new AP course for its continued social causes against marginalized and historically victimized groups such as LGBTQ people and racial minorities. He called the program “wicked” and said it would not be accepted without revisions.

In their letter, the College Board clarified that “[w]e has had no discussions with Florida or any other state about the content of this course, nor have we received any requests, suggestions or feedback,” despite Florida officials claiming credit for changes to the course.

According to Politico, the AP course is under review for use in Florida next year.