‘Dad’ Makes Video of Baby Boy’s Manicure; Media Suns

Here’s an actual Rockwell painting courtesy of Hacks USA Today And apparently NBC News.

“A California man took his young son for a mani-pedi when the boy’s teacher told him ‘your nails are only for girls.'” The father took him to a nail salon in West Hollywood (where?) and got a nail done. TikTok video of child abuse, and what is happening in the society, that video has gone viral.

“The clip – which has more than 4 million views and more than 700,000 likes as of Thursday – shows Shearhad’s son Ashton excitedly shouting, ‘I want pink!’ before the service.”

Isn’t that beautiful? The dad is a public school teacher (@Libsoftiktok, call your office), which USA Today emphasized for a reason – maybe to encourage parents to homeschool. “She said her son first showed interest in nail polish at age 2. ‘From then on, we started painting our nails together.'”

If anyone wants to reboot The Andy Griffith Show for 2020, I think I’ve got your update for the heartwarming father-son fishing bit in the title sequence.

On the bright side, feminists should be encouraged. At the rate we’re going, we won’t have any manhood left, toxic or otherwise.