Mika Brzezinski: President Biden ‘Very Good Choice’ (Who Needs Votes?)

Mika Brzezinski MSNBC Morning Joe 2-10-23

Who will you believe: Dem cheerleader Mika Brzezinski, or all those fake votes?

on friday morning joe, Micah actually said — and yes, we checked the tape twice — that President Biden is “very likable.” She capped her speech with her best Sally-Field-at-the-Oscars impersonation, exclaiming, “They like Joe Biden! They like him!”

Is Mika not reading his personal paper of record? The New York Times? Check out this headline and story from just three days ago:

“Biden’s approval ratings last year were the worst for a second-year president.”

And then there’s 538, which shows Biden’s approval rating underwater by more than nine points.

Even among Biden’s fellow Democrats, nearly 1-in-3 want him to be their party’s nominee in 2024!

If it’s “very good choice”, you’d be surprised what an unpopular president would look like!

Micah made his comments in the context of the panel’s liberal consensus that the GOP-led House Oversight Committee is making a political mistake by pursuing Hunter Biden issues and attacking Biden. Micah warned Republicans that their “passion” for Hunter was going to “backfire.”

Yes, whenever Republicans need sound, well-informed, political advice, their go-to is a panel of biased MSNBC liberals!

Note: In their comments that we mentioned yesterday, and now today, morning joe Casting the work of the Oversight Committee as an inquiry Hunter Biden. But committee chairman James Comer regularly clarified, The focus of his committee’s investigation is not Hunter Biden, but Joe Biden, the “big guy,” who, according to a Hunter aide, tabbed to get at least 10% of a deal.

If the investigation proves that Joe Biden did in fact benefit from his son’s undisputed pattern of influence. If Joe Biden were to influence the pay of foreign powers, including China, the liberal media would be like, “Who cares about a laptop?” will not be able to stop the investigation. Indifference It would actually be huge, earth-shattering news.Sally Field Oscar How would Joe be “highly preferred” then, Mika?

Mika Brzezinski claimed that President Biden was sponsored by Liberty Mutual, Sleep Number, Flonage, Celebrity Cruises and Chewy in “extremely well-liked” segments.

Transcript here.

morning joe
6:06 a.m. ET

Jonathan Lemire: It was remarkably predictable yesterday. A spread of accusations and conspiracy theories. And Making a bet that the American public cares nothing about Hunter Biden and his laptop and business dealings.

And see, if there was any wrongdoing, it would be investigated by the proper authorities. And whether it will happen or not, that is a matter to be seen.

But his is something that they have talked themselves into a corner. That is, these conspiracy theories, which were on the fringes of the Internet, have become more mainstream for Republican talking points. They are on primetime Fox News Shows and, for a component of the Republican base, they want to see this happen. And Republicans have told me they feel they will be punished by voters if they don’t look here.

Mika Brzezinski: Right.

LEMIERE: But there are a lot of Republicans, Alice Jordan, there are a lot of Republicans who are nervous about this, who are talking about President Biden talking about things like Social Security and Medicare, talking about big jobs numbers. And at least one element, a loud element of their team, is obsessed with stuff that only plays the tiniest part of their base.

ALICE JORDAN: Well, and Jonathan, they’ve come in a little bit of power, a little bit of power, because the margin is so narrow, but will the House look like what they’re doing is a series of complaints trains and no real legislation, no votes without bringing anything to the floor. Given?

And you’ve got, on the Senate side, you’ve got Rick Scott completely going off the Social Security message. Ron Johnson too. Which, you know, even Mitch McConnell is taking, you know, “Oh, we’re not here.” But giving Biden and the Democrats more to punch at them.

Mika: Yes. I mean, I’m going to add to that description of your, Alice, complaint train. Meaning, they are adding to their complaint train, The obsession with Hunter, whatever they can find, is — I think that’s going to backfire, too.

This is President Biden, who is extremely well-liked. who many believe has achieved something in his first two years in office. And they are going after him so hard. I’m not sure it’s a good look for them. During their former presidency, they literally closed their eyes, blind to the rebellion.

I don’t know how that will translate, and I think we’ve learned in the interim that the American people are engaged in matters of democracy. They don’t like riots, where people are tortured and killed. and, They are like Joe Biden! They are like him!