WATCH: Greg Gutfeld Torches Walk ‘Bastards’ at Walt Disney Company

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld had a field day roasting left-wing C-suite hacks frustrated at the Walt Disney Company for their ongoing obsession with rousing themselves despite the financial hit to their bottom line.

Gutfeld blasts ‘sad bastards’ at Disney on Fox News’ Feb. 9 edition following news that the company is cutting 7,000 jobs and cutting $5.5 billion in costs. Gutfeld. “This is what happens when you wake up — as the saying goes — ‘you break down,'” Gutfeld said. “You can blame the cowardly bosses who let the woke Disney turn into a joke now.”

The Fox News host derided Disney’s $5.5 billion cost-savings effort as “more than enough to pay for sex-reassignment surgery. Pirates of the Caribbean.

Want to talk about “change,” asked Gutfeld. “Forget Leah Thomas. Look at Disney products. Gone are the days when their movies and cartoons actually taught children life lessons.”

Now, kids are getting content like Disney’s recently released, infernal cartoon Little Demon That humanizes Satan’s antichrist child. They are also being reinvented, like waking up to variants of the show proud family Promotes anti-white hatred and calls for racial “retaliation”.

Gutfeld took a fun trip down Disney’s memory lane to emphasize his point: “Remember Pinocchio, the wooden, stilt-legged, sleepy little dog? He taught the kids not to fib or you’d be eaten by a whale! Gutfeld then used a Pinocchio analogy to describe the most insufferable, woke leftists on Disney-owned television: “Honestly, I’ve never understood what whales have to do with lying. [ABC’s] scene.”


Disney’s antics in recent years have certainly warranted comedic derision, given the asinine content that has spread like clockwork to influence the next generation with left-wing propaganda on politically charged issues like race and gender dysphoria. Disney+ series BaymaxFor example, Promotes the idea of ​​nuts that men can menstruate. But despite projects like Rainbow being a mafia-inspired flick light years And strange world Due to abysmal box office performance, Disney floundered and force-fed children and families its business-killing, insane agenda. Profit be damned!

MRC President Brent Bozell is featured in a newly released documentary by The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights that reveals the mind-melting ideologies behind Disney’s radical transformation away from the family-friendly vision of its founders. Bozell noted that Disney was once “one of the most powerful brands in the world of entertainment. They deliberately threw it all away.” Watch the trailer for Walt’s isolated kingdom Down below.

Conservatives are under attack. Contact The Walt Disney Company [email protected] And the company’s claim to stop shaking children’s throats has fueled propaganda.