WATCH: Rumble Super Bowl ad mocks YouTube censorship

Free speech platform Rumble aired its “Steve Will Do It” Super Bowl ad mocking YouTube for its obsession with censorship.

The advertisement Features a referee identified as YouTube to enforce so-called violations with yellow “flags”.[s]”Rumble rep Steve’s conversation with the referee mocks the ways a user can be suspended from YouTube, such as posting something that disagrees with the platform or challenging its rules. Steve counters that his company promotes free speech and “enthusiasm”.[s] Different opinions and new ideas.”

The YouTube referee kept “flagging” Steve just for trying to upload his video. “Boom! Boom! Double flag! There goes your video!”

Liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald said Rumble’s ability to attract a younger and more diverse audience will ultimately make the platform a challenger to YouTube, its “big tech” rival. “Rumble’s growth has been fueled not by a single political content but by a wide array of political, journalistic and cultural commentators fleeing Big Tech.[] Young Audiences,” Greenwald Tweeted including advertising.

In another tweet promoting the ad, Greenwald said using Rumble would “free” video streamers from Big Tech censorship. “Recent polls from Gallup and Pew show 20-25% of Americans already know Rumble. It’s certainly higher now with the ongoing national TV ad blitz — making it clear that it’s a way to free itself from Big Tech/YouTube’s censorship and tyranny,” he said. has been added.

Rumble has long presented itself as an anti-censorship alternative to YouTube. “There’s a reason the public has turned radically against both the corporate media and Big Tech: because you’ve arrogantly claimed the power for the public to decide what information they can and can’t believe and what opinions they can and can’t. Express. ,” Rumble said in a statement tweeted on April 13, 2022. “In stark contrast, the reason Rumble has grown so quickly is because we trust adults to make decisions for themselves about what ideas they can express, and we trust them to make their own decisions after listening to all sides.”

Conservatives are under attack. communication YouTube is here or Send feedback And demand that Big Tech be held accountable for reflecting the First Amendment when providing transparency, transparency in its guidelines, and equal measures for conservatives. If you have been censored, contact us using CensorTrack contact formAnd help us hold Big Tech accountable.