WATCH: Rumble Super Bowl ad mocks YouTube censorship

Free speech platform Rumble aired its “Steve Will Do It” Super Bowl ad mocking YouTube for its obsession with censorship. The advertisement Features a referee identified as YouTube to enforce so-called violations with yellow “flags”.[s]”Rumble rep Steve’s conversation with the referee mocks the ways a user can be suspended from YouTube, such as posting something … Read more

Tragic NY Times at Twitter hearing: More concern for Teigen’s tweets than the FBI

The The New York Times Twitter is doing its best to minimize debate about conservative views in the Trump-Covid era, as shown by its odd coverage of a House committee hearing on the social media platform’s biased behavior and pressure from government agencies to push the company toward censorship. Conservative speech. In Thursday’s paper, Luke … Read more

College Board Blast DeSantis Attack African American Course – Mother Jones

AP Photo/Marta Lavandier Fight disinformation: Sign up for free Ma Jones Daily Newsletter and follow the news that matters. Dr. died on Saturday In the evening, College Board response Governor Ron DeSantis’ wave of attacks on education in Florida has accused the state Department of Education of criticizing the Advanced Placement African American Studies course … Read more

But Trump! ABC lobbyist James arrives to investigate the Trump family

Former Clinton Hatchetman and current ABC co-anchor this week George Stephanopoulos showed just how long-lasting his Trump Derangement Syndrome is during an interview when House Republican Oversight Chairman James Comer took aim at his committee to investigate Hunter Biden and the entire Biden family’s business dealings abroad. All Stephanopoulos can do is try to whip … Read more

Michael Cohen on MSNBC: ‘Sociopath’ Trump, Not Chinese Balloon, The Real

Is Chinese espionage a national security threat to the United States? Small potatoes, compared to Donald Trump national security threat! If you believe Michael Cohen, that is. Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress in 2017, but now he’s definitely telling the truth about one thing. As the title of his book-revenge And unbeliever—Hint, Cohen’s … Read more

PBS constantly hyperventilates about gun violence ‘epidemic,’ ‘assault weapons.’

The PBS NewsHourHypersensitive to threats to “gun protection” measures (their word), Thursday evening was unpleasantly surprised by a federal appeals court ruling, based on the Supreme Court’s order that people under domestic violence keep their guns. the bridge Decision in June 2022. Newshour Invited a journalist who specializes in what his organization calls the “gun … Read more