Developed and launched for the UK and Iceland regions, the Iceland Nexus website is an online portal available to the public. It is important to note that the Nexus Island portal function is primarily intended for Nexus employees exclusively.


Nexus Iceland employees, for instance, can access their payroll information, work hours, and, in general, check their personal information. With the many employee relationship services available on the portal, it has truly it all when it comes to employee relations.

Benefits Provided By Nexus Iceland

In this title, we will talk about Nexus Iceland employee benefits. Almost all companies offer their employees certain perks, also known as perks. That’s why we want Nexus Island employees to understand what benefits they can enjoy from Iceland’s frozen foods. According to this study, the benefits of corporate pension plans are:

Employee Discount

Standard discounts are up to 10% for all employees and family members on regularly priced products or services.

Sick Pay

Iceland leads Europe when it comes to general sick pay for its workers. Nordic Island workers are entitled to 100% of their wages for at least two days for each month worked.


Annual vacation

Iceland has 16 public holidays (rauĂ°ir Dagar) a year, most of them around Christmas and Easter.

Over Time

Overtime is paid hourly at a rate of 1.0385% of the regular monthly payments, although employees often take additional time off instead of overtime pay.


The standard working week in Iceland is 40 hours, and all work, including overtime, is usually limited to 48 hours per week.

What is Iceland’s dress code?

The dress code in Iceland is pretty casual, so you should wear jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. It is also a good idea to have a spare pair of shoes, as you don’t want to wear your big (and probably dirty) boots indoors at night.