Before you can access all of this information online through the nexus employee portal, you will need access data, which you will receive from your team leader or line manager.


The Nexus team can access the Nexus. One-click Icelandic portal by logging into your Nexus profile panel. The official payroll portal for Nexus Iceland employees is You can access the site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere at any time. You simply need to enter your username and password.

Where Can I Find Nexus Iceland My

Typically, these are Nexus Iceland employee accounts managed by the Nexus Portal. Through this portal, employees can access their accounts and obtain pay receipts and working hours details.

However, in order to access my employee accounts, I must go through the Nexus employee registration phase in the corresponding portal. After logging in to Nexus Iceland, employees have full access to their accounts. As the portal maintains a personal account for each employee, login details are crucial. In summary, accessing My Nexus Account requires a Nexus employee login in Iceland.

How to access the Nexus Iceland Payslip?

Well, all Nexus Iceland employees should know the importance of Nexus Payroll. However, readers can check the meaning and details of these lists from the summary below.

  • You can complete your Nexus login by visiting, the official page where you can complete your Nexus login.
  • When logging in, click Payroll/Payroll in the My Account section of the Nexus.
  • This will open the Nexus Iceland Payroll page.
  • Choose the desired week/month and year on this page.
  • To view this week’s/month’s Nexus payment receipt, click Get Details.
  • Your employees’ payslips are displayed on the screen.
  • You can download or print the ticket as you wish.