Goodell’s comments remind us why ‘social justice’ needs to be fought against

Stop me if you’ve heard this before — Roger Goodell said something stupid and woke up.

The NFL commissioner was speaking at a news conference in Phoenix ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs and discussed how he thinks the NFL needs to do more to hire minority men and women into positions of power. During Goodell’s tenure there have been many initiatives by the league to promote “diversity” in its recruiting practices, but apparently it is still lacking.

“We have better work and more work ahead of us,” he said. “I think there is progress and we’re happy to see progress but it’s never enough.”

Interesting, because if you’re obsessed with diversity in your workforce and black people in positions of power, you’ll probably be happy with what you see in the NFL. Six head coaches are black or other minorities (with the possibility of a seventh because the Arizona Cardinals currently have a vacancy). That’s 18.5%, while blacks as a percentage of the US population are 13%. Furthermore, 13 defensive coordinators are black (with a chance to fill four slots before next season). While the League cannot guarantee that people in this position will have the same skin makeup, it need not do so.

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But that’s lost on the race-obsessed, who would say that having only two black offensive coordinators in the NFL is proof of racism. And they gripe about any situation where a black man isn’t given what they believe he deserves – take the narrative surrounding Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy as an example (spoiler – it’s totally fake).

None of this is surprising, since the social justice mindset is about making more progress for blacks in their pursuit of equality. While this sounds good on the surface, the motives of some people who subscribe to this worldview are far more — dare I say it — sinister.

“Equality” in their minds does not mean equal opportunity or equal results. In this worldview, equality actually means giving a certain group — in this case, black, but it could be LGBT, Hispanic, female, etc. — preferential treatment and allowing people in that group to have power and opportunity. has been denied in the past.

However, satisfactory “progress” is never achieved (as Goodell’s quote implies), because if you believe in this kind of “justice” there is more to be done in any case. Short of forcing every coach in the league to be black, social justice warriors will always demand discrimination.

It’s easy to agree with Goodell’s platitudes or simply ignore them. But easy doesn’t fix it.

If you operate from the mindset that no situation, opportunity, or outcome evidence of racism benefits black people in equal or greater ways, you can easily find it in many places. It’s a mindset that’s wreaking havoc on countless areas of culture, including the NFL Seeing racism everywhere in 2023 is counterintuitive and harmful. It robs “victims” of agency.

We cannot forget that we fight against this worldview because it is antithetical to American philosophy and not a subtle form of Marxism. Think about it, if we live in a country that now values ​​the promotion of one class at the expense of another, is that really equality? Isn’t that slavery, racism, and oppression, that black people claim they hate and remove from culture? The only difference is that the persecution is directed at a different ethnic group. This turns history into an immoral cycle. The oppressed become the oppressors, until the wheels turn and someone else is on top.

It is worth publishing, not only for the sanity of this generation, but to preserve a great America for the future.